1126 68T 3420W ASIC Canaan Avalon Mining Machine NVIDIA Chipset


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    Model Number 1126 68T
    Brand Name OEM
    Origin China
    Small Orders Accepted
    Key Specifications/Special Features:
    In recent years, the price of bitcoin has continued to decline, but the computing power has increased significantly. No matter what the willingness behind it is, this environment has brought great pressure to bitcoin miners.
    In order to reduce the proportion of electricity expenditure, persistent miners have turned their attention to a new generation of 28nm process mining machines. Today, we want to evaluate the 28nm fourth generation miner from Avalon“
    Our Avalon 4 is strictly an engineering prototype, so all test results are for reference only.
    The size of the miner body is 395 mm x 160 mm x 165 mm, which is about one-third of the size of the standard ATX chassis. The net weight is 8.5Kg. The weight is mainly derived from aluminum fins.
    The mining machine adopts honeycomb air inlet and outlet, which can not only ensure the smooth flow of air, but also obtain better electromagnetic shielding effect. There are also power interface, data line interface and LED indicator at the air inlet.
    The diameter of the cooling fan is 12cm, which is manufactured by Nippon Power Co., Ltd. we will test the noise level of this fan later.
    There is not much to be picky about the hardware design of this miner. Next, we will enter the installation and configuration stage.

    crypto mining machine

    Product Name; Avalon 1126

    Algorithm; SHA256

    Hash Rate; 68t

    Power Consumption; 3420w

    Minable coin; BTC


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